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One of my favorite sitcoms is “The Big Bang Theory“. In one episode, nerdy physicist Leonard... more
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One of my favorite sitcoms is “The Big Bang Theory“. In one episode, nerdy physicist Leonard dates his colleague Leslie Winkle and they have a fierce argument about which version of Quantum Mechanics is correct – String Theory or Loop Quantum Gravity. When Leonard declares that he prefers his space “stringy, not loopy“, that’s a dealbreaker for Leslie (”How will we raise the children?“). This very loopy shawlette is here to celebrate Miss Winkle, women scientists and all women who know what they want and don’t let any man talk them out of it!

Miss Winkle is an asymmetric shawlette in garter stitch that looks fabulous in a variegated hand-dyed yarn. You start with one little loop, adding longer and longer rows that form a very long triangle. The loops are created using a simple twist technique that I show in an instructional video and are really fun to make. There are almost no purl stitches, so this is a very relaxing but quick project that is perfect for beginners and young knitters – and a great project on-the-go for knitting experts. You can use any amount of yarn because you just knit this pattern until your yarn is used up.

The yarn used for the shawlette in the pictures ("Miss Babs Yummy 2-ply", colorway "Deep Sea Jellyfish") is availble here at Strickmich! Shop


Pattern Language: English
Pattern Type: Download
type: shawlette
Knitting Experience: relaxed
Size Finished Object: Length: 165 cm, Depth: 27 cm
Gauge: 19 sts / 10 cm / 4 in in garter stitch
Recommended Yarn: 1 skein Miss Baby Yummy 2-ply (365 m / 115 g) colorway Deep Sea Jellyfish
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