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First pattern from Strickmich! Club 2017.    She was known as fearless, she loved... more
Product information "Bellrose Printed Pattern"

First pattern from Strickmich! Club 2017. 


She was known as fearless, she loved her freedom, her music and the stage: Janis Joplin. In the 60s, everything she did was revolutionary. She left Texas to sing with a band in San Francisco, she cried and screamed during her performances and became ecstatic when she saw people dance to her music. While other women of her generation still wore stiff hairdos and little pastel suits during their days at the office, Janis put purple feathers in her hair, threw on a gold-glittering crocheted vest, shook her hair and rocked the stage and the whole world of music. She sang the blues like no other. She was rebellious, free, feminine and incredibly talented – which makes her an inspiration up until today, more than 45 years after her death.

When handdyer Danica told me she had named the color for this club shipment after a movie based on Janis Joplin’s life, I designed a shawl that would play with the elements of hippie fashion: Net lace in triangular shapes mirroring the bell-bottomed pants that were popular in that era – playful, but not naively nice. They are worked with short rows that are incorporated in the lace, easy to execute without wrapping stitches. A very relaxed knit in a beautiful, soft yarn – for the rebellious side in you!

In this video I talk about the pattern: 


Strickmich! Club 2017 Cast-on Event No. 1 from Martina Behm on Vimeo.

Pattern Language: English
Pattern Type: printed leaflet
type: Shawl
Knitting Experience: relaxed
Size Finished Object: Length 206 cm (82 in) / Depth 40 cm (16 in)
Gauge: 17 stitches / 10 cm / 4 inches in garter stitch
Recommended Yarn: 100 g Nature´s Luxury, Sheep En Soie, Color Remembering Rose
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