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Miss Winkle PDF Download

Product information "Miss Winkle PDF Download"

One of my favorite sitcoms is “The Big Bang Theory“. In one episode, nerdy physicist Leonard dates his colleague Leslie Winkle and they have a fierce argument about which version of Quantum Mechanics is correct – String Theory or Loop Quantum Gravity. When Leonard declares that he prefers his space “stringy, not loopy“, that’s a dealbreaker for Leslie (”How will we raise the children?“). This very loopy shawlette is here to celebrate Miss Winkle, women scientists and all women who know what they want and don’t let any man talk them out of it!

Miss Winkle is an asymmetric shawlette in garter stitch that looks fabulous in a variegated hand-dyed yarn. You start with one little loop, adding longer and longer rows that form a very long triangle. The loops are created using a simple twist technique that I show in an instructional video and are really fun to make. There are almost no purl stitches, so this is a very relaxing but quick project that is perfect for beginners and young knitters – and a great project on-the-go for knitting experts. You can use any amount of yarn because you just knit this pattern until your yarn is used up.

The yarn used for the shawlette in the pictures ("Miss Babs Yummy 2-ply", colorway "Deep Sea Jellyfish") is availble here at Strickmich! Shop.

The pattern "Miss Winkle" is part of Martina Behm´s book "The Hitchhiker Collection".


Gauge (stitches per 10 cm): 19
Knitting experience: mostly relaxed
Needle Size: 3,0 mm / US 2-3
Project type: Shawl
Yarn Weight: Fingering

Passendes Garn

Manos del Uruguay Alegria
Color Manos del Uruguay: Jacaranda
Colorful, voluminous and happy – that's "Alegria" by Manos del Uruguay. With 25% polyamide, it is even durable enough for a pair of cozy socks. But the best use you can put a handdyed skein of "Alegria" to is to make a fun shawl like Hitchhiker, Hitchhiker Beyond, Easy or Puerto Montt – with its yardage of 445 yards per skein it's just perfect!The sample "Baltic Summer" from our book "Hitchhiker Collection" was made out of one skein of this yarn, colorway "Botanico".

Content: 0.1 kilogram (€249.00* / 1 kilogram)

Fyberspates Vivacious 4-Ply
Color fyberspates: 609 - Peacock
A beautiful hand dyed merino yarn with a high twist and fascinating colors: hand dyer Jeni Hewlett likes to dye in layers, so the colors will get an unusual depth. It's beautiful to work with, does not split and wears beautifully as it is really soft around the neck. A great choice for sweaters and accessories alike! The weight and yardage are ideal for many of Martina's shawl patterns. Rüsch is specially designed for this yarn and you only need one skein.

Content: 0.1 kilogram (€179.40* / 1 kilogram)



Circular Knitting Needle Addi Lace
Needle Size: 3,0 mm / US 2-3
Addi Circulars with 80 cm (32 in) length and extra sharp tips are ideally suited for most of Martina Behm's designs. These needles are great quality "Made in Germany", and they make even the most complicated lace pattern a pleasure to knit. The needle sizes are printed on the cable (metric and US). Addi lace needle tips are made nickel-free.


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Knitters’ DNA
Formate: PDF Download | Language: Deutsch
Knitters are special people. We love to transform what sheep and creative handdyers offer us into warm, useful and fun items. We gush over beautifully dyed skeins, we stroke them and hold them next to our skin, we admire the depth of color and feel that an evening spent without knitting is somehow not right. We help and respect each other, and we care about our loved ones so much that we will work hours knitting socks and hats for them once winter approaches. Knitters are enthusiastic, caring and wonderful! This asymmetric shawlette with its double helix border is here to celebrate how special knitters are, and how special all of you are to me. You make the world more colorful, more beautiful and so much warmer, and you deserve to be celebrated. The border evolves during the knitting and is attached on the go, there is no sewing or seaming involved. There are a few wraps and turns, minimal purling and lots of mindless knitting with an unusual result. Make it out of a striking, deep semisolid to show off the 3-dimensional border, or use a low-contrast multicolor to make it extra pretty.The pattern "Knitters' DNA" is part of Martina Behm´s book "The Hitchhiker Collection". For this pattern you need 2 skeins Cheeky Merino Joy from Rosy Green Wool

Knit Your Love
Formate: PDF Download | Language: Deutsch
When I got this beautiful yarn with its subtle silky shine, I just knew that its deep, cool red color would be the perfect “plus pink”! I have a lot of pink T-Shirts because it is a very flattering color for me (and many other women, too – you should try it!), and I just knew that a shawlette in this gorgeous Red would go beautifully with those. And when I listened closely, I could hear the yarn whisper: “I want to be hearts! Just in time for Valentine’s day!“ So I complied: This little asymmetric triangular shawlette has a garter stitch body and a line of pretty knitted hearts along one of the short sides, making it just the thing to wear on Valentine’s day – or any day you want to show or feel a little affection. The pattern "Knit Your Love" is part of Martina Behm´s book "The Hitchhiker Collection".

Formate: PDF Download | Language: Deutsch
Leftovers. Everyone has them, everyone hoards them – especially when they are some precious hand-dyed yarn that is not always in stock. Well, now their time has come: Leftie is an asymmetrical shawlette that was designed to show off your favorite little leftovers.The stripes will swirl around your neck in a very flattering way, and the cute tiny leaves are the perfect way to make your favorite colors shine (they are created by just a few short rows). It‘s all garter stitch, so the knitting is all fun and relaxing. There are quite a couple of ends to weave in, but that‘s no problem, right? You start with just three stitches, adding wider and wider rows and thereby forming a long and narrow triangle. The little leaves in contrast colors are formed by short rows that are explained in the pattern.This pattern, as the other triangular shawls I have designed, is very flexible: You can use any amount of yarn and end up with a small neckerchief, a small or bigger shawlette.The shawlette in the pictures used 165g of Wollmeise Pure 100% (approx. 130g in main color plus 5-7g of each of six different colors of contrasting leftovers).The pattern "Leftie" is part of Martina Behms book "The Hitchhiker Collection".