Plum Leaf

Product information "Plum Leaf"

Second Pattern of Strickmich! Club 2017

His music was unique, executed with perfection, sometimes it took a little to get used to, but some of it found its way straight into your ears and your legs: Prince. Was it rock or soul? Funk or pop? Probably everything all at once. He just did what he liked, and that included his stage outfits: Ruffles, suspenders, naked legs, head scarves, tailored suit – Prince did not care about any kind of stereotype. When he died in spring 2016 at only 57 years of age, the world lost one of its most inventive musicians. A man who showed us that the most impressive works of art are created outside the box. Prince was especially fond of the color purple: His most famous album was “Purple Rain”, and on every album cover, you could find artwork with at least a small element in this color. So maybe he would have liked the yarn of this club shipment as well: green and purple sprinkles on a silver-shimmering base combined with a glowing semi-solid purple. The “Plum Leaf” wrap also mirrors Prince’s love of paisley patterns which are derived from leaf shapes: Starting with an oversized stylized leaf, you will knit an asymmetric stole that lets the variegated yarn shine prettily.

The yarn I used is "Aurora" by Das Mondschaf.

Gauge (stitches per 10 cm): 17
Knitting experience: mostly relaxed
Needle Size: 3,75 mm / US 5, 4,0 mm / US 6
Project type: Shawl
Yarn Weight: Fingering

Matching Yarn

Manos del Uruguay Fino Minis
Color Manos del Uruguay: Josephine
Aren't they cute? These Mini-Sets out of "Fino" by Manos del Uruguay contain 5 skeins of 20 g each in gorgeous colors that go really well together. Work them up as a gradient or use them for stripes combined with an entire 100 g-skein to make a "Leftie".  "Fino" is a voluminous, luxurious single-ply with 30% silk and 70% wool (Merino) – great for cowls and shawls that will be worn against the skin, e. g. "Wolkig" or "Heaven & Space".  At Manos del Uruguay, local women have been spinning and dyeing the most beautiful yarns for forty years. The project was initiated to give women in rural areas the chance to get jobs in the artisanal field with fair pay and a good working environment. Please note: This yarn is not superwash and prefers to be washed by hand instead of in the woollen cycle in your washing machine.The sample "Lupino" in our book "Strickmich! Knitting Inventions" was made out of one set of these Mini-skeins (color combination: Dorothea).   

Content: 0.1 kilogram (€329.00* / 1 kilogram)

Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles
Farbe Hedgehog Fibres: Crush
So cool, so colorful, so Hedgehog Fibres! "Skinny Singles" is the secret superstar in Hedgehog Fibre's yarn line-up: A fine single-ply that takes the creative colors of color artist Beata Jezek especially well. Spun out of superfine merino, it has a subtle luster to it, is super soft and very well tolerated even by sensitive people. With 366 meters per 100 g it is light, but with a nice volume to it and ideal for cowls and shawls. Martina has designed the third pattern for Strickmich! Club 2021 ("Aglaisio") with a special colorway of this yarn. 

Content: 0.1 kilogram (€289.00* / 1 kilogram)



Strickmich! Stitch Markers
Variant: blau 10 mm
Elastic ring stitch markers in a useful aluminum tin with a screw cap. The stitch markers are put on the needles between the stitches, e. g.  in my patterns  Jasminde, Nuvem, Viajante and Knit Your Love. Diameter: 10 mm, suitable for knitting needles up to 8 mm - Content: 20 piecesDiameter: 6 mm, suitable for knitting needles up to 4 mm - Content: 25 pieces They are made of silicone and free of chemical softeners. 

Circular Knitting Needle Addi Lace
Needle Size: 4,0 mm / US 6
Addi Circulars with 80 cm (32 in) length and extra sharp tips are ideally suited for most of Martina Behm's designs. These needles are great quality "Made in Germany", and they make even the most complicated lace pattern a pleasure to knit. The needle sizes are printed on the cable (metric and US). Addi lace needle tips are made from shiny brass and nickel-free.

Variants from €6.25*
Needle Gauge Key Ring "Owl"
Color: Tomatenrot
Cute needle gauge designed and made from recycled acrylic by Succaplokki in Finland, needle sizes (metric): 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 3.25 mm, 3.5 mm. Key ring included. Also pretty as a pendant around your neck. Measurements ca.  3.5 x 2.5 cm


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Match & Move
Formate: PDF Download | Language: Deutsch
I just love the “We’re Different”-Grab Bags from Rohrspatz & Wollmeise: Depending on which kind you choose, you will get a combination of a multicolor and a matching semisolid, hand-picked by the dyemaster herself, who has an unmatched sense of color. What shall I say? I was really surprised when I saw that she teamed up a softly variegated brown-grey with a bold and warm red. I just had to give it a try and get my knitting needles moving! So here’s “Match & Move”, a shawl designed to show off the perfect Wollmeise color combination and use up (almost!) an entire grab bag of yarn. My shawl weighs 286 grams. The unusual construction results in kinked stripes that look really interesting when you wear it. The knitting is plain garter stitch and very relaxing, and the shawl is so big and comfy, it is just a dream to wear. Definitely my favorite shawl so far – and I am determined to order another grab bag, be surprised and knit myself one more. Size of the shawl in the pictures: 200 x 50 cm (80 x 20 inches) 286 g of yarn (140 g of color A and 146 g of color B) Wollmeise Colors: Resi and Zimtapfel (both WD)The pattern "Match & Move" is part of Martina Behm´s book "Strickmich! Knitting Inventions".

Mrs Watson
Formate: PDF Download | Language: Deutsch
One night I watched an Episode of “Sherlock” – it was the one in which Mr Watson has a wife, Mrs Watson. She was wearing a dress with an allover-leaf-pattern that served as an inspiration for this shawl. Its construction was, when I designed it in the beginning of 2015, completely new. It was part of a collection for the yarn company Berroco who published it in June 2015. In the meantime, I had used this new construction for the Strickmich! Club pattern “Thousand Tulips” and “Match & Move”. I must say, I am a little bit proud of myself: This construction, that has inspired so many, was invented by me. Mrs Watson is knit out of a super-soft Alpaca yarn and the pretty leaves are shaped by short rows – but don’t worry, you won’t have to pick up the wraps, so it’s a relaxing knit!  

Thousand Tulips
Formate: PDF Download | Language: Deutsch
Tulips for the Tulip! Spring is close, and this shawlette is just the thing to get us in the mood: Unusually constructed, simple graphic lace in a bold color and a heavenly soft cashmere blend yarn. Watch stylized tulip blossoms evolve along the center spine as you knit. Fun, simple, and with a great result! The pattern is adaptable to the amount of yarn you have. The pattern is both charted and written out. Please choose your needle size according to your knitting style: Loose knitters: 3.5 mm - 3.75 mm Tight knitters: 4 mm Measurements of shawl in the pictures  Length 205 cm (82 in), Depth 43 cm (17 in)In this video I talk about the yarn and the design.