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Product information "Rise"
Rise like a Phoenix! This shawl features a spectacular lace pattern with double yarn overs that looks amazing, but consists of only two different pattern rows. Don’t tell anyone! You will be admired and praised for this complicated-looking shawl that is a lot of fun to knit. Use up all the yarn you have or stop when you feel your shawl has the desired size. The colorway “Phönix” is elegant and unexpected, just like 2014 Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst – a drag lady with a beard, making diversity visible and paving the way for many. The song was called “Rise like a Phoenix”, hence the name of this shawl.
Gauge (stitches per 10 cm): 17
Knitting experience: relaxed
Needle Size: 4,0 mm / US 6
Project type: Shawl
Yarn Weight: Fingering

Matching Yarn

Uschitita Pure Sock
Color Yarn: Highlands
What an amazing yarn! And these colors! Here at Strickmich!, we could not believe our eyes when we opened the shipment from Uschitita, as it was all so beautiful. The yarn base "Pure Sock" is the same that we used for the second project of Strickmich! Club 2022. Here, you find this pure merino yarn base in six different colors, all quite typical for the Uschitita dyeing style: quite muted base colors with fun and unusual speckles. This yarn will make your knitting exciting and the end result absolutely stunning! It's perfectly suited for garter stitch shawls as well as lace patterns, as the multicolors are not so dominant that they will eat up all your efforts. 

Content: 0.1 kilogram (€269.00* / 1 kilogram)

Miss Babs Katahdin 437
Color Miss Babs: Chances Are
A beautiful yarn, hand dyed by the amazing Miss Babs from the US – exclusively in Europe in Strickmich! Shop!  A lighter fingering weight yarn between a lace- and a sockweight, Katahdin 437 is spun from the lustrous, long fibers of the wool from Bluefaced Leicester sheep. This fiber is a perfect canvas for Babs’ amazing colors, giving the yarn a beautiful depth and a beautiful, slightly shiny finish. It's great for crisp lacy shawlettes but also makes durable socks.

Content: 0.1 kilogram (€346.50* / 1 kilogram)



Circular Knitting Needle Addi Lace
Needle Size: 4,0 mm / US 6
Addi Circulars with 80 cm (32 in) length and extra sharp tips are ideally suited for most of Martina Behm's designs. These needles are great quality "Made in Germany", and they make even the most complicated lace pattern a pleasure to knit. The needle sizes are printed on the cable (metric and US). Addi lace needle tips are made nickel-free.

Variants from €6.25*
Strickmich! Stitch Markers
Variant: blau 10 mm
Elastic ring stitch markers in a useful aluminum tin with a screw cap. The stitch markers are put on the needles between the stitches, e. g.  in my patterns  Jasminde, Nuvem, Viajante and Knit Your Love. Diameter: 10 mm, suitable for knitting needles up to 8 mm - Content: 20 piecesDiameter: 6 mm, suitable for knitting needles up to 4 mm - Content: 25 pieces They are made of silicone and free of chemical softeners. 

This is the German version of Strickplaner – your knitting planner.  If you are looking to purchase the English version, please choose it on the overview page.


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Formate: PDF Download | Language: Deutsch
Like a shower of comets and stars, criss-crossing through the sky – that’s what Alexandra of Zauberwiese thought of when she created this beautiful colorway for Strickmich! Club. So I picked up this theme for the design of a lacy shawl: The garter stitch gives way to an ever-growing assembly of geometric comet traces. The shawl is named “Halley” after Halley’s Comet, which is visible from Earth every 74 to 79 years, even without a telescope. The subtle color speckles on a stunning blue background make the shawl even more interesting to knit and wear – reminding you of the wonders of the universe while it warms your shoulders. You can use a yarn with 400-500 m per 100 g for this, like e. g. Amano Ayni or Manos del Uruguay AlegriaThe pattern "Halley" is part of Martina Behm´s book "The Hitchhiker Collection"

Graffiti Park
Formate: PDF Download | Language: Deutsch
Graffiti Park is a design inspired by the “Schanzenviertel” in Hamburg, Germany, a neighborhood where I used to live for a couple of years. It’s colorful, a bit wild, has lots of bars and little places to eat and features lots of graffiti everywhere, especially around the little park behind “Rote Flora”, an old theater that has become a community project. Graffiti Park is a shawl with a simple, but fun lace pattern that evolves during the knitting and looks fabulous in a fun multicolor like Yowza by Miss Babs. Start at one corner and knit up all your yarn! For this shawl, we recommend • 1 Skein "Yowza" by Miss Babs (one skein weighs 227 g, meterage is 226 m / 100 g, which gives you 513 m per skein)or alternatively• 3  skeins "Alegria Grande" by Manos del Uruguay (one skein weighs 100 g,  meterage is 180 m / 100 g, so 3 skeins will give you 540 m )

Magrathea PDF Download
Formate: PDF Download | Language: Deutsch
Magrathea is a long and narrow, slightly asymmetrical triangular shawlette that features a squishy garter stitch body and a geometrical lace motif at the edges - just right for spring and early summer! In Douglas Adam‘s book „The Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Galaxy“, Magrathea is the planet where luxury custom-made planets are built to order. Its planet-building experts are especially famous for designing pretty coastlines – as the lace edging of this little shawlette. It is my third design (after „Hitchhiker“ and „Trillian“) that uses a special asymmetrical triangular construction. Pattern notes: You start at one corner of the triangle, add wider and wider rows and cast off at one of the short sides. The lace edging on one side is worked as you go, the other is formed by the last 30 rows before binding off. 100 g of fingering weight yarn is plenty to make a useful shawlette. Instructions are provided on how to make it larger. Charts only, lace parts are not given as written instructions. If you are interested in how I calculated the stitch count before starting the edge, please have a look here.The pattern "Magrathea" is part of Martina Behm´s book "The Hitchhiker Collection".