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Product information "Strickplaner"

This is the German version of Strickplaner – your knitting planner. 

If you are looking to purchase the English version, please choose it on the overview page.


Deluxe Kit Strickplaner Accessories
Color Schoppel: Gartenparty | Variant: Projektbeutel
• Accessory Kit WITHOUT Strickplaner itself •  The Deluxe Kit Strickplaner Accessories has everything you could wish for when using your new planner: A ball of the amazing Schoppel Zauberball to make one of the planner covers (find the patterns here to download for free!), the Strickmich! fabric label, an adhesive pen loop, three Strickmich! sticker sheets to highlight everything that has to do with knitting (or for decoration), three weekview sticker sheets for everything else in life (like birthdays, appointments etc), plus the Strickmich! Project bag OR the brand new Strickmich! Bowl. A wonderful gift for your best knitting friend or yourself!  The Strickplaner - your knitting planner is NOT included in this kit due to tax reasons - please order it separately here.   Strickplaner Deluxe Kit contains 1 Schoppel Crazy Zauberball 1 Strickmich! fabric tag 3 Strickmich! sticker sheets 3 weekview sticker sheets 1 adhesive pen loop, color pink 1 Strickmich! Organic project bag, blue OR the Strickmich! Bowl. The finished planner bag / cover is not part of the kit.   

€44.80* €51.28* (12.64% saved)
Profi Kit Strickplaner Accessories
• Accessory Kit WITHOUT Strickplaner itself • This is the pro kit to complete your Strickplaner: Keep your Strickmich! pencil at hand by adding the pen loop to your Strickplaner – in case you need to add an appointment or quickly jot something down. The Strickmich! Stickers enhance visibility for everything that's important: Knitting! But you can also use them just because they're cute and everywhere you like. The weekview stickers will help you plan tasks and appointments that are job-related and to remember birthdays and doctor's appointments. Happy planning!  Strickplaner - your knitting planner can be ordered separately here: Strickplaner English Strickplaner Pro Kit 1 Strickmich! Pencil 3 sheets of Strickmich! Stickers 3 sheets of weekview Stickers 1 pen loop, color pink (Total Value if bought separately: 14.28 Euro) The Strickplaner - your knitting planner is NOT included in this kit due to tax reasons - please order it separately here.

€11.50* €12.88* (10.71% saved)
Strickmich! Stickers (3 Sheets)
Three Strickmich! Planner Sticker Sheets to use in Strickplaner and other paper planners or on labels, cards etc. 216 stickers on each sheet, intended for indoor use, slightly shiny surface. Sheet measures 4.2 x 6.2 inches (10.7 x 15.7 cm) Each sticker measures 0.2 x 0.2 inches (7 x 7 mm) Motifs: 18 x sock (red, yellow, green, blue) 12 x Hat (red, yellow, green, blue) 6 x Mittens (red, yellow, green, blue) 36 x Shawl (red, yellow, green, blue) 18 x Scarf (red, yellow, green, blue) 18 x Pullover (red, yellow, green, blue) 18 x Cardigan (red, yellow, green, blue) 18 x Yarn Ball (red, yellow, green, blue) 12 x Tapestry Needle (red) 8 x Crochet Hook (red) 8 x Ball winder (yellow) 8 x Swift (yellow) 8 x Sewing Machine (Green) 8 x Frog (Green) 10 x Wash Tub (Blue) 10 x Spinning Wheel (Blue)    

Content: 3 piece (€1.66* / 1 piece)

weekview Stickers S (3 Sheets)
3 weekview sticker sheets to use in Strickplaner or any other paper planner.  216 stickers on each sheet, intended for indoor use, slightly shiny surface. Sheet measures 4.2 x 6.2 inches (10.7 x 15.7 cm) Each sticker measures 0.2 x 0.2 inches (7 x 7 mm) Assorted motifs & colors: Festivities & Events (Yellow), Hobbies & Leisure (Green), ToDos (Home & Garden, Pink), Work & Travel (Blue), other symbols (purple), Medical (Red), other markers (Orange), Smileys (Yellow), Wetter (Blue). 3 sticker sheets in a cello sleeve. 

Content: 3 piece (€1.66* / 1 piece)

Pen Loop
Stick-on pen loop made from a pink textile elastic strap and a transparent adhesive pad. With this loop you will always have a pen ready to take down notes or make entries in your Strickplaner.  The loop will fit most common pens, pencils or slim fountain pens. The information in your book's back cover will stay visible through the transparent adhesive and the pink color matches your Strickplaner well.  Of course, this pen loop will also work well in other note books, journals or whereever you need a pen at the ready.  Content: 1 piece in color pink

Strickmich! Measuring Tape
How long? How wide? How many stitches per 10 cm? To answer all these questions, the Strickmich! measuring tape is here to help. It's 150 centimeters long and has centimeters and millimeters on it (no inches!). Plus: The stylish Strickmich! logo on it. Color: White. 


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Strickplaner - your knitting planner (ENGLISH)
Strickplaner is all new! We have listened to your feedback and made it a "timeless" planner – with lots of pages for projects and notes, but without a dated planner, so you can use and keep yours for many years! What would you like to knit? All knitting projects start with this question: sweater, sock or hat? Poncho, mitten or teddy bear? Sometimes, a skein of yarn that has been living in your stash for a long time, will tell you what it wants to become. And sometimes, it is really hard to decide which yarn to use: Alpaca or Merino? Self-striping or semisolid? Handpainted or kettle dyed? It goes on with the needle size, the size you choose for the project itself and the number of stitches to cast on. And then you may decide to add a couple of increases at a certain point or some yarn overs, or to make the cuffs in a different stitch pattern. This little book will help you keep track of all your decisions concerning your knitting and knitting projects: Strickplaner – your knitting planner will help you to choose the best projects for a relaxed knitting time, to choose the best yarn and to organize your projects and notes in a clever way. If you like, you can use the timelines to plan your projects over the year. We have added information about imperial and metric units and measurements, yarn weights and types of fiber. There are pages to keep track of your yarn purchases and wish lists for everything knitting-related. There are pages for knitting books, fun podcasts and knitting events. Jot down your ideas for future projects in the “Ideas” section of the planner, and write down every detail when you cast on in the “Projects” pages. And for everything else that pops up in your creative knitter’s brain, there are lots of pages for lists, notes and sketches, complete with indexes to make sure no idea is lost. Strickplaner wants to be your trusted companion for all your knitting adventures: small enough to carry everywhere, useful and totally independent of Wi-Fi or electricity. Happy Knitting! Specs • Strickplaner does not contain weekly spreads or a calendar anymore • 224 pages MeasurementsLength / Width / Height18.5 cm / 12.5 cm  / 1.6 cmPaper MeasurementsLength / Width 18 cm / 12 cm  Weight: 272 g 2 x bookmarks in red and gray1 x elastic closure (red) Pages:Overview and info: 5 pagesKnitting Plans: 2 pagesTimelines: 8 pagesYarn purchases 8 pagesWish Lists: 4 pagesEvents & Media: 4 pagesSizes and Measurements: 6 pagesIdeas: 10 pagesIndex projects: 4 pagesProjects: 58 pagesIndex lists and notes: 5 pagesLists: 29 pagesNotes squared: 24 pagesNotes dot grid: 26 pagesNotes blank: 27 pages Scratch page  

Strickmich! Originale – 20 innovative Strickanleitungen von Martina Behm
Nur bei uns im Strickmich! Shop: Wer eine Widmung von Martina Behm wünscht, kann dies gern bei der Bestellung im Feld "Kommentar" angeben (die Lieferung verzögert sich dadurch evtl. um 1-2 Tage). Gern auch den Text der Widmung ins Feld "Kommentar" eintragen. Einfach und entspannend zu stricken, meistens ohne linke Maschen oder komplizierte Techniken, geeignet für bunte Garne und witzig und originell konstruiert – so sind die Strickanleitungen von Martina Behm. In „Strickmich! Originale“ hat sie 20 Designs zusammengetragen, die in ihrer Machart und Konstruktion anders sind als das, was davor in der Strickwelt üblich war: So ist der „Hitchhiker“ eine der meistgestrickten Anleitungen weltweit und wurde Vorbild für eine ganze Familie von Stricktüchern in dieser asymmetrischen Form. Viele andere Konstruktionen, darunter die von „Match & Move“ oder „Nuvem“, waren die ersten ihrer Art und wurden selbst zur Grundlage für viele andere Strickanleitungen.  Die Modelle in diesem Buch sind perfekt für Anfängerinnen, Wiedereinsteigerinnen und alle, die es beim Stricken gerne unkompliziert, aber clever mögen!   In diesem Buch finden sich 18 bekannte und 2 neue Modelle von Martina Behm: Hitchhiker  Nuvem Viajante Matchmaker Match & Move Tensfield Rose Candy Easy Hitchhiker Beyond Tough & Toasty Wolkig Green Light Shawl Ecken + Kanten Loops Puerto Montt Lupino NEU Spiral Escape Strider Berry Skies Setting Sun NEU

Die Hitchhiker-Kollektion - 20 Tücher zum Stricken von Martina Behm
This is the german version of the book!Nur bei uns im Strickmich! Shop: Wer eine Widmung von Martina Behm wünscht, kann dies gern bei der Bestellung im Feld "Kommentar" angeben (die Lieferung verzögert sich dadurch evtl. um 1-2 Tage). Gern auch den Text der Widmung ins Feld "Kommentar" eintragen. Der „Hitchhiker“ ist eine der erfolgreichsten Strickanleitungen weltweit – allein auf der Plattform Ravelry.com wurden über 32 000 Projekte danach gestrickt! Die innovative, schräg gestrickte, längliche Form ist nicht umsonst seit 10 Jahren so beliebt: Handgefärbte, bunte Garne sehen damit besonders gut aus, und ein einzelner Strang reicht aus, um ein tragbares Ergebnis zu bekommen. Viele haben sich von dieser Form inspirieren lassen, und die Erfinderin des Hitchhikers selbst natürlich auch: In „Die Hitchhiker-Kollektion“ zeigt Strickdesignerin Martina Behm, wie kreativ sie mit dieser Grundform umgeht. Kringelkanten, Zacken- und Lochmuster, Rüschen und interessante Strukturen machen sich gut in der Hitchhiker-Form. Diese Kollektion bietet 20 Projekte für jedes Niveau – von der Anfängerin bis zur fortgeschrittenen Strickerin. Drei davon sind neu und nur in diesem Buch enthalten.In diesem Buch finden sich 17 bekannte und 3 neue Modelle von Martina Behm:Hitchhiker TrillianMagratheaLintillaBricklessNaiadaKnit Your LoveSamadhiLeftieJasmindeHeaven & SpaceBaltic SummerBuds & BumblesKnitters´ DNAMiss WinkleHalleyTivoli GardensHope & Confidence NeuBunny & Claire NeuTreehiker Neu