Cord for Addi-Click System

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PVC cord with nickel-free metal tips for Addi-Click System. Perfect transition from the tip to... more
Product information "Cord for Addi-Click System"

PVC cord with nickel-free metal tips for Addi-Click System.

Perfect transition from the tip to the cord. Needles do not twist out of the hand.

These cords are great quality "Made in Germany". Thickness and length are printed on the cord (metric and US). 

Can the concept of an interchangeable needle set be improved any further? Yes, it can! I have been using several different needle systems over the years, and all of them had the problem that after a while, the needle tips would become loose, yarn would be caught in the screwing section or the tips would fall off entirely (a catastrophe when you are knitting lace...!). The click system by German manufacturer Addi solves this problem: You insert the end of the cable, press and turn – and the needle tip is secured for good. It won't come off, even after many hours of knitting. The mechanism is not hard to learn (it's shown in this Youtube video (opens in new window, in German – but you will see how it works!). It's a patented, true innovation and I think it's really awesome as it makes knitters' lives easier.

What I also like about it: If you need to set stitches aside you can just use a coupling to attach the ends of the cable to each other (this would not work with other systems!). 

Needle Size: 3,5 mm - 6,0 mm, US 4-10
Materials: Metallspitzen, PVC Schlauch
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