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3 Bögen weekview Sticker S weekview Planner Sticker Sheets (3x)
3 weekview sticker sheets to use in Strickplaner or any other paper planner. 216 stickers on each sheet, intended for indoor use, slightly shiny surface. Sheet measures 4.2 x 6.2 inches (10.7 x 15.7 cm) Each sticker measures 0.2 x 0.2...
€4.99 *
Circular Knitting Needle KnitPro Nova Circular Knitting Needle KnitPro Nova
KnitPro Nova Metal Circulars with 80 cm (32 in) length are ideally suited for most of Martina Behm's designs. These needles are good quality at a reasonable price, and Martina uses them herself most of the time.
€4.00 * €5.50 *
K2tog / ssk - schwarz / lila Lazadas Stitch Markers
These stitch markers can do more! They will not only remind you that you have reached a specific point in your row, but will also tell you what to do: knit 2 together, ssk, yarn over or m1. Also, they can be removed easily or placed in...
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€7.90 *
Lazadas Project Caddy pink (Garn und Nadeln nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten / Yarn and needles not included) Project Caddy
Closed, it's a project bag – open, it becomes a yarn bowl! A super-fun and practial accessory for the knitter on the go. And the story behind the Project Caddy is pretty funny, too. Its "inventor" Astrid from Lazadas told us: " I used to...
€48.90 *
für Stricknadel 5 mm Lazadas needle band
Needle bands are the perfect solution for storing both circular, straight and DPN knitting needles. Smooth, stretchy, unbreakable silicon bands to keep your needle sets organized and labeled. Gently stretch the band to wrap it around...
€4.90 *
Lazadas super flexible knitting blocking wire, long set Lazadas super flexible knitting blocking wire,...
The long blocking wire set contains: 5 blocking wires, 70" long each 30 Nickel plated T-Pins These wires are made from an innovative metal alloy with great flexibility and memory. They are super elastic, can be bent and have the ability...
€31.90 *