The Hitchhiker Collection - 20 Knitted Shawls by Martina Behm

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The Hitchhiker Collection by Martina Behm Only in Strickmich! Shop: If you would like... more
Product information "The Hitchhiker Collection - 20 Knitted Shawls by Martina Behm"

The Hitchhiker Collection by Martina Behm

Only in Strickmich! Shop: If you would like Martina to sign the book for you, please leave a comment in the "comment" section at checkout (this may delay shipping by 1-2 days).

With more than 32,000 projects, “Hitchhiker” is one of the most successful knitting patterns worldwide. Its innovative shape and biased construction have been popular for a decade, likely because it looks awesome in colorful, hand-dyed yarns. Plus: one skein will suffice to make a wearable shawl! The Hitchhiker has inspired many other designs, and its inventor has used it as a canvas as well: in “The Hitchhiker Collection”, Martina Behm proves how creatively she uses her own construction. Loops and helixes, zig-zags and lace, ruffles and interesting structures look great in the Hitchhiker shape! In this collection, you will find 20 projects suitable for beginners and more experienced knitters alike – and quite a few that will help you acquire more skills and try out new techniques. Three out of 20 patterns are new and exclusive to the book.

In this book you will find 17 well known designs by Martina Behm plus 3 new ones: 







Knit Your Love




Heaven & Space

Baltic Summer

Buds & Bumgles

Knitters´ DNA

Miss Winkle


Tivoli Gardens

Hope & Confidence (New)

Bunny & Claire (New)

Treehiker (New)


Language: English
Formate: Hardcover, 22 x 27 cm
Pages: 104
included patterns: Bunny & Claire (New), Knit Your Love, Trillian, Magrathea, Leftie, Miss Winkle, Brickless, Naiada, Samadhi, Lintilla, Hope & Confidence (New), Hitchhiker, Jasminde, Heaven & Space, Baltic Summer, Buds & Bumbles, Knitters´ DNA, Halley, Tivoli Gardens, Treehiker (New)
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