Shipping during COVID-19 pandemic

Dear Knitter

Due to the worldwide COVID 19 pandemic, there are currently many restrictions in international shipping. We use Deutsche Post (German Mail) and DHL for shipping internationally and they are always checking with receiving countries about restrictions both in transportation as well as customs and distribution. If a Country is restricting its mail from foreign senders, Deutsche Post and DHL will not accept a new package from us in order to avoid having to return it. Also, please note that shipping times can increase significantly in all regions.

This is what the restrictions mean for your Strickmich! Shop order (we will update this list regularly when conditions change):

We have adjusted our Shop System to only accept orders that can be shipped at the moment. Therefore, if the products you have chosen are not possible to ship to your region, you will get an error message and cannot place the order.

PDF Download patters will of course be available for purchase and you can access your patterns in your shop account.

Germany: Every package is shipped by us within one workday. There might be slight delays in the DHL transport depending on the local region, however, DHL is not experiencing any major disruptions within Germany.

European Union and Switzerland: Your Strickmich! Shop package will be shipped by us within one workday. Even though there are some restrictions on package size and weight in place by some countries, this only concerns very large or heavy packages. Also, there might be additional restrictions in some local areas. DHL will inform us if they cannot ship to your town and we will then get in touch with you about your order individually.

USA: Deutsche Post once again accepts packages up to 1 Kg. However, they will be shipped by sea and will take a long time to reach you (more than 4 weeks).

Currently DHL premium packages can still be shipped to the USA and they will be transported by air and take up to 2 weeks. However, DHL is charging an additional fee for the extra effort and shipping time is longer as they usually hand over the packages to US Postal Service in the US.

NEW: We offer shipping to the USA with FedEx. This is a very fast and reliable express carrier and will deliver to the USA through their own network within a few days.

Canada, Australia, New Zealand: Shipping small packages up to 1 kg through Deutsche Post is available again. However, all mail to these countries is currently shipped by sea, adding oftentimes many weeks to the delivery. DHL Premium is not available at the moment. 

NEW: We offer shipping to the Canada with FedEx. This is a very fast and reliable express carrier and will deliver to Canada through their own network within a few days. Please note that there might be addresses where FedEx does not deliver or charge an additional fee for delivery. We will contact you in that case.

Japan: Shipping for packages up to 1 kg is now available again through Deutsche Post. DHL Premium is also back and running, however, DHL charges a risk fee for each Kg shipped which we have to pass on. 

All other countries: No shipments are currently allowed into all other countries. You can purchase PDF download patterns in our shop. Please check back regularly to see when restrictions are lifted.