Stocksee Story

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When we moved to the countryside a couple of years ago, we couldn’t believe how beautiful it is... more
Product information "Stocksee Story"

When we moved to the countryside a couple of years ago, we couldn’t believe how beautiful it is around here: Woods and lakes and scenery, freedom for your eyes, comfort for the soul. I especially enjoy afternoons at lake Stocksee when I just watch the ducks and grebes and the subtle changes in the water surface. “Stocksee Story” captures this mood: Made out of a great supersoft silk-merino blend by Manos del Uruguay, dyed to perfection in a colorway that resembles a blue water surface with reflections of the shrubs and trees at the shore, it will be warm, soft and a pleasure to look at. The garter-stitch mini waves are completed by bigger ones in the middle of the shawl, created by tuck stitches that look interesting from the front and the reverse side. Add two pretty tassels for extra interest – and there you have your Stocksee Story!

type: Shawl
Knitting Experience: mostly relaxed
Size Finished Object: 160 x 52 cm / 64 x 21 inches
Gauge: 19 stitches / 4 in / 10 cm in garter stitch
Recommended Yarn: 100 g Manos del Uruguay Fino, 70% Wolle, 30% Seide, 450 m / 100 g, Farbe „Martina’s Jewel Box“
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