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Knitters are special people. We love to transform what sheep and creative handdyers offer us... more
Product information "Knitters’ DNA PDF Download ENGLISH"

Knitters are special people. We love to transform what sheep and creative handdyers offer us into warm, useful and fun items. We gush over beautifully dyed skeins, we stroke them and hold them next to our skin, we admire the depth of color and feel that an evening spent without knitting is somehow not right. We help and respect each other, and we care about our loved ones so much that we will work hours knitting socks and hats for them once winter approaches. Knitters are enthusiastic, caring and wonderful! This asymmetric shawlette with its double helix border is here to celebrate how special knitters are, and how special all of you are to me. You make the world more colorful, more beautiful and so much warmer, and you deserve to be celebrated.

The border evolves during the knitting and is attached on the go, there is no sewing or seaming involved. There are a few wraps and turns, minimal purling and lots of mindless knitting with an unusual result. Make it out of a striking, deep semisolid to show off the 3-dimensional border, or use a low-contrast multicolor to make it extra pretty.

The yarn in the colorway "La Ola" is available at Rohrspatz & Wollmeise

pattern language: English
pattern type: Download
type: shawlette
knitting experience: relaxed
size finished object: Length 164 cm (66 in), Depth 35 cm (14 in)
swatch: 25 sts / 10 cm / 4 in in garter stitch
yarn recommendation: 150 g Rohrspatz & Wollmeise Pure
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