Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between patterns as PDF downloads and printed pattern cards?

PDF downloads are only available electronically. After we have received payment, your patterns will be deposited for you in the “my account” area under “my pattern downloads” ( When you pay with Paypal, in most cases, downloads will be available instantly.

If advance payment by bank transfer is made to our bank account, the download will only be accessible to you after your payment has been received into our bank account, which may take several days, depending on your bank. In any case, your pattern purchase will be immediately visible in the “my account” area – upon receipt of payment, a button entitled “download” will appear after the pattern name. You may at any time later download your pattern to your computer again, save it, print it out, etc. – just log in again to “my account”.

Please note that patterns purchased as PDF downloads will neither be e-mailed nor printed out and shipped to you.

Printed pattern cards are leaflets in A5 format, each containing one single pattern by Martina Behm. These pamphlets come as top-quality prints on environmentally sound paper and unfold for convenient access to the pattern instructions.

Please note that printed pattern cards do not contain an electronic version. Printed pattern cards may not be copied, scanned or otherwise reproduced for the purpose of distribution.

Why is my favorite pattern by Martina not available as a single print?

Not yet… we are working on making Martina’s most popular patterns available as individual printed pattern cards in addition to the PDF versions already offered electronically. Please revisit our shop frequently to check for new print releases since they will not be specially announced. If you would like to see a certain pattern being made available in printed form, please e-mail your request so we can consider your suggestion when choosing the next batch for print release.

I have purchased a pattern, but have not received it?

First, please check your customer portal on our website. After you have signed up and logged in, you will be able to see all those of your orders in “my account” under “my purchases” which have been completed in our online shop ( There, you can also view your order status, and, when clicking the “show” button, order details, such as which pattern type you have ordered: For printed pattern cards, books or notions, parcels will usually be shipped within a few days after your payment has been received. Pattern PDF downloads can be found in your customer account after receipt of payment. When paying with Paypal, this will normally be immediately after your payment has been processed, while bank transfers, especially internationally, can take several days. For your convenience, we will e-mail you as soon as we have received your money to let you know that the download has been activated for you.

If you have not received a response after five working days, please contact us, preferably by e-mail to: info(at)

Where can I find my pattern download?

Your patterns can be found in the “my account” area under “my pattern downloads” ( If you have paid with Paypal, in most cases the download will be instantly accessible. In case of prepayment by bank transfer, the download will be activated only after your payment has been received into our bank account, which, depending on your bank, may take several days. In any case, your pattern purchase will be immediately visible in the “my account” area, where a “download” button will be displayed next to the pattern name upon receipt of payment. You may download and print out your pattern again at any time later, save it to your computer etc. – just log in to “my account” again.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For your convenience, you may choose between prepayment by bank transfer to our bank account or Paypal processing. Paypal offers the additional option to use major credit cards or depending on your country also direct debit.

Why is there no possibility to order over the phone or by mail, or to pay cash?

We are a small venture and have opened this shop to be able to offer Martina’s patterns in printed form in addition to digital PDF patterns. For this reason, we are only able to accept orders through our online shop. We are also the only venue selling Martina's patterns by advance payment via bank transfer. Patterns continue to be available in Martina’s Ravelry shop. Further details can be found at

For yarn stores, craft shops or bookstores, we also offer an option to obtain printed single patterns by Martina Behm at wholesale conditions for resale. Please inquire with your favorite local yarn store to be able to purchase new patterns locally for cash in the future!

Why do I have to pay shipping costs for book purchases from you?

Large online booksellers are often able to negotiate special pricing conditions with publishers. This price advantage can be used for instance to absorb mailing costs. Since we are so small, we don’t have that advantage and, unfortunately, have to pass incurred shipping and handling costs to our customers. As an alternative, books by Martina Behm can also be ordered via local book stores and paid for in cash at the store.

Why can’t you ship into my country? I don’t live in the countries that you ship to, so how can I get Martina’s patterns?

So far we are only able to ship to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, and a few other European countries as well as the USA, Canada and Japan. We are gradually working on expanding our range and implementing shipping abroad to more countries. Please let us know which country you would like to be included.

As always, all patterns by Martina Behm are available worldwide through Ravelry. All information about this from Martina’s website:

What should I do if there is a problem with my shipment?

Depending on where you are in the world shipping might take anywhere from one to four weeks. Please be patient and wait at least two weeks from the time of shipping. We will send all shipments as registered premium mail which usually needs to be signed for by the recipient. 

If you have not received your package, please contact us at info(at) and we will start an investigation with Deutsche Post.

The packaging or the contents of my shipment are damaged.

All of our shipments will be insured. Therefore, it is important for you to please tell the deliverer to register any damage of the packaging etc. right away if you see it. If the contents of the shipment are damaged, please contact us at info(at) and we will find a solution for you.

I own a yarn shop or a bookstore, am I allowed to resell your patterns?

If you have a registered business, you can become an authorized retailer for us. For this, please sign in under “Retailer Login” and e-mail us a copy (scan, photo etc.) of your business registration. However, please be aware that only printed pattern leaflets are subject to resale. For downloadable products, the copyright of Martina Behm explicitly prohibits commercial resale, reproduction etc. Finished objects made from Martina Behm patterns may not be sold for commercial purposes under any circumstances. For questions on this topic, please e-mail or call.

Am I allowed to sell shawls made from your patterns?

Commercial or business usage of shawls made from Martina Behm patterns are explicitly prohibited by the copyright of Martina Behm. For cooperation with Martina Behm or Peter Steck, please inquire at info(at)

May I copy the patterns or publish them on the internet?

Please refer to the explanations about copyright of Martina Behm in our Terms of Service. Patterns are intended for personal use only. Publishing or any reproduction, except for personal use, constitutes an infringement of the rights of Martina Behm. Please take care to make sure that photographs of your work that you show on the internet do not contain any legible renderings of the pattern instructions. 

Apart from the legal aspects: By purchasing her patterns the legal way, you support Martina Behm as a knitting designer and enable her to create new and innovative patterns for you. If in the future any copied or self-printed version of a paid pattern by any designer or author should be offered free to you anywhere, please speak up whether this is in your own long-term interest.


What is the Strickmich! Club, and where can I find more information about this?

The Strickmich! Club is a subscription, consisting of four new patterns by Martina Behm with matching exclusive yarn per year. All information about this can be found at Currently, signups are closed, but you may join the waiting list on the club website if you wish.


What will happen if I should have a question about a pattern?

If you are already a Ravelry member, many answers can be readily found in the Strickmich! group. (, There you can also read what experiences others have made with the pattern or ask a new question – perhaps others will benefit from your question, too!

If you are really stuck, you may also contact Martina Behm by e-mail at: mail(at) Please describe the problem as accurately as possible. Martina strives to reply to all requests as quickly as possible, but sometimes her response to your individual problem may take a few days, for which we ask for your understanding.