Knitting Planner Inspiration


When I was maybe ten years old, I found a couple of little books in my mother's bookshelf. She had gotten them as birthday presents in her teens, in the late 50s and early 60s, and they were about everything that a young lady needed to know at the time: How to behave in dance class, how to decorate your room with few resources, how to learn how to sew, how to behave and how to dress, and how to enhance your wardrobe with a few pretty knitted items. Granted, much of the "how to behave" content was outdated, but the illustrations were lovely, and many things were useful and pretty much timeless. Like the advice about knitting that I found in the little book about knitting from 1958 by Rosemarie Schittenhelm. "Knitting", she wrote, "will calm you, you will be better able to focus and make decisions, you will have happy conversations and be a good listener." And she had this timeless insight in 1958: "Sociologists and psychologists say that the revival of knitting stems from the female need to counter the stress of our time, the mechanical demands of your job and the dullness in matters of taste with creative crafting." So, knitting is not the new Yoga – knitting has been a source of relaxation, creativity and comforting company for at least 60 years. Mrs Schittenhelm knew, and that's why I am delighted that we got permission by her publishing company (Franckh-Kosmos in Stuttgart) to present a couple of her quotes to you as a weekly inspiration in Strickplaner 2019.

And there's Elizabeth Zimmermann! She must be the most innovative mind in the history of knitting, her sweaters, hats and shawls are a constant source of inspiration to the knitting world to this day, as are here witty writings about everything needles and yarn. (If you have not read any of her books and knit any of her patterns, I highly recommend them: Check out "Knitter's Almanac", "The Opinionated Knitter" or "Knitting Without Tears", they are amazing and highly entertaining.) So I am more than happy and proud to report that we got permission by Meg Swansen (Elizabeth's daughter) to use a few of Elizabeth's inspiring quotes in Strickplaner 2019 as well.

But everyone knows that wool is even more inspiring to a knitter than words, right? So we asked a few people from the knitting world who we like to work with to be a sponsor and provide us with a weekly inspiration or a little ad in the knitting tool pages, as well as four-color pages in the back of the book. Without our lovely sponsors, such a big and adventurous project as Strickplaner would not have been possible, so we are very grateful to them! Thanks, you are the best!