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Strickplaner 2019 – GERMAN edition Strickplaner 2019 – GERMAN edition
Cleveres Zeitmanagement im Alltag – mehr Zeit fürs Stricken! Der Strickplaner 2019 ist ein handlicher Buchkalender für Strickerinnen, die ihren Alltag clever organisieren und mehr Zeit fürs Stricken finden möchten. You are looking for...
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Strickplaner 2019 Strickplaner English 2019 - Your Knitting Planner
Cleverly manage your day by day – spend more time knitting! This weekly paper planner for knitters will help you organize your life, everyday tasks and craft projects. Looking for the German Edition? Die deutsche Ausgabe des...
€18.90 *
Strickmich! Planner Sticker Strickmich! Planner Sticker Sheets (3x)
Three Strickmich! Planner Sticker Sheets to use in Strickplaner and other paper planners or on labels, cards etc. 216 stickers on each sheet, intended for indoor use, slightly shiny surface. Sheet measures 4.2 x 6.2 inches (10.7 x 15.7...
€5.00 *
Pen Loop Pen Loop
Stick-on pen loop made from a pink textile elastic strap and a transparent adhesive pad. With this loop you will always have a pen ready to take down notes or make entries in your Strickplaner. The loop will fit most common pens, pencils...
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€2.90 *
3 Bögen weekview Sticker S weekview Planner Sticker Sheets (3x)
3 weekview sticker sheets to use in Strickplaner or any other paper planner. 216 stickers on each sheet, intended for indoor use, slightly shiny surface. Sheet measures 4.2 x 6.2 inches (10.7 x 15.7 cm) Each sticker measures 0.2 x 0.2...
€5.00 *
Strickmich! Webetikett 3 Woven Strickmich! Labels
3 woven labels with the Strickmich! Logo for your projects. Can be added to the knitted book cover for Strickplaner – your knitting planner as a pen loop. 100% Acrylic Measurements: 2.5 x 4 cm (1 in x 1.6 inches) Shipping unit: 3 Labels...
€3.90 *
Symposi Strick-Sticker mit Strickmich!-Motiven SymposiPress Knitting Stickers with Strickmich!...
These are so cute! American artist Julie Levesque (who also designed the endpapers for Strickplaner 2018 – your knitting planner) has created these beautiful stickers for us. You can use them to document your progress while knitting one...
€9.80 *
Strickplaner 2019 – Cover Händler-Paket Strickplaner 2019 GERMAN
Erstausstattungspaket zum Vorbestellen des Strickplaners damit der Strickplaner auch rechzeitig in den lokalen Handarbeitsgeschäften liegt. Der Versand erfolgt dann sobald der Planer bei uns eingetroffen ist. This is the German planner....
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Strickplaner 2019 – Cover Retailer Box ENGLISH Strickplaner 2019
Pre-oder box for your local yarn store. We will ship the package as soon as we have received the knitting planner. This product contains the ENGLISH planner. Zu der deutschen Händler-Box geht es hier: Händler Paket Strickplaner The...
Content 20 Stück (€18.90 * / 1 Stück)
From €378.00 *