Snowflake Party Printed Pattern

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First exclusive Pattern of Strickmich! Club 2016. This pattern was exclusively available to... more
Product information "Snowflake Party Printed Pattern"

First exclusive Pattern of Strickmich! Club 2016. This pattern was exclusively available to members of Strickmich! Club during 6 months after its release in February 2016.

Tiny snowflakes are my favorite things in nature: They are fascinating geometric little creatures, delicate and short- lived. When I take a walk in winter and the wind blows some of them on the sleeve of my coat, I look at them with my kids, and they make all of us smile. The shape of the water molecules forming them is such that snowflakes will always have six arms and a hexagonal outline, which makes them hard to incorporate into knitting. So when I found a little six-armed lace snowflake motif, I thought they would look lovely having a ball on a cute shawlette. It is knit on the bias and is mostly garter stitch, so it is a relaxing knit with a little snow-flakey twist.

Length 185 cm (74 in) 
Depth 42,5 cm (17 in)

Find the beautiful Merino-Silk blend I used for this at


Cast-on-Event Video No. 1 – 2016 from Martina Behm on Vimeo.

Anleitungssprache: English
Anleitungstyp: printed pattern
Typ Strickstück: shawlette
Strickerlebnis: concentrated
Größe Strickstück: 185 x 42,5 cm
Maschenprobe: 16 sts = 10 cm (4 in) in garter stitch after washing
Garnempfehlung: 100 g Zauberwiese Merino Seide 400 m,
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