Baltic Summer Printed Pattern

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Second pattern from Strickmich! Club 2015. Summers of my childhood were spent camping on the... more
Product information "Baltic Summer Printed Pattern"

Second pattern from Strickmich! Club 2015.

Summers of my childhood were spent camping on the island Fehmarn (Baltic Sea), where my father had grown up and my mom had strong family ties. During the six weeks of summer vacation, we had a few lazy sunny days at the beach, where we snacked on rolls with cheese and wurst prepared in the morning that had that certain beachy taste and crunched from the grains of sand they had gathered. Most of the time it rained hard, and we would sit in our caravan playing cards, snuggled up in the few summer clothes we had packed while being too optimistic about the weather. On those days, this shawlette would have been perfect: The colors of the Baltic Sea and the rain, and a pattern of small summery waves, adding just a little warmth on not-so-hot summer days.
The shawlette is knit on the bias, giving the classic chevron pattern an unusual twist. Each side of the triangle shows a differently shaped wave – just like the Baltic Sea in wild weather.

In this video I talk about the yarn and the pattern.


Length 140 cm (56 in),
Depth 32 cm (13 in)
Shawlette size is adaptable to the amount of yarn you have.

pattern language: English
pattern type: printed leaflet
type: shawlette
knitting experience: relaxed
size finished object: Length 140 cm (56 in), Depth 32 cm (13 in)
swatch: 20 stitches / 10 cm / 4 in in garter stitch
yarn recommendation: 100 g Handu “Merino Sock 100%”, Colorway “Myrsky”
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