Halley Printed Pattern

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Like a shower of comets and stars, criss-crossing through the sky – that’s what... more
Product information "Halley Printed Pattern"

Like a shower of comets and stars, criss-crossing through the sky – that’s what Alexandra of Zauberwiese thought of when she created this beautiful colorway for Strickmich! Club. So I picked up this theme for the design of a lacy shawl: The garter stitch gives way to an ever-growing assembly of geometric comet traces. The shawl is named “Halley” after Halley’s Comet, which is visible from Earth every 74 to 79 years, even without a telescope. The subtle color speckles on a stunning blue background make the shawl even more interesting to knit and wear – reminding you of the wonders of the universe while it warms your shoulders.

 You can use a yarn with 400-500 m per 100 g for this, like e. g. Amano Ayni or Rosy Green Wool Heb & Manx Merino Fine. 

pattern language: English
pattern type: printed pattern
type: Shawl
knitting experience: concentrated
size finished object: 250 x 50 cm
swatch: 19 stitches / 10 cm / 4 inches in garter stitch
yarn recommendation: 150 g Zauberwiese Softmerino 430 m
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