Payment / Shipping


We ship worldwide, if your country does not show up in the selection while signing-up for the shop account, please send an email to info(at) before continuing with your order. 

Our shipping and packaging cost depend on the weight of the products plus the packaging and are calculated automatically in the shopping cart. Shipping cost contain the relevant VAT where applicable. 

Shipping within Germany

Orders containing only printed patterns and books may be shipped with DHL Warenpost up to a total weight (including packaging) of 1 Kg for € 3,90. You can track them and they should take only 1 - 3 days of shipping time.

Orders of only printed patterns (up to 300 g) can be sent by regular mail for € 2,90.

All other products as well as orders heavier than 1 Kg will be shipped as packages with DHL. We charge a flat rate for shipping and packaging of € 5,90 for all orders shipped within Germany. All DHL packages can be tracked and are delivered within 1 – 3 days in Germany. 


International shipping 

We offer the following methods of shipping internationally: Deutsche Post Mail, DHL package international as well as FedEx Express. Please note that the shipping duration may vary a lot between countries and by shipping type.

Deutsche Post Mail

Shipping with Deutsche Post has become increasingly longer during the Covid-19-pandemic. To some countries Deutsche Post will now only ship by sea mail adding additional weeks to your order’s shipping time.

Orders containing only printed patterns and books and weighing below 1 Kg can be shipped as international letters with Deutsche Post Mail. They cannot be tracked, however.
Orders containing yarn or accessories below 1 Kg can be shipped as registered first-class mail that is trackable. However, these shipments will still take at least 2 – 4 weeks.

DHL Paket International

DHL is also affected heavily by the changes in international air travel during the Corona pandemic. Therefore, shipping times to some regions have increased significantly.  On the other hand, you can track your package reliably and will receive tracking information in our shipping notice. You can find more information on average shipping times to your destination from DHL at:

DHL Country Overview

Unfortunately, DHL has not only added a fuel surcharge to some destination packages but also increased our pricing significantly as well as abolished our flat rate for international packages for a weight based fee. Therefore, DHL has become both more expensive as well as a lot slower than last year. Packages will be transported by sea freight to most countries.  Please calculate at least 6 weeks for delivery.


FedEx Express:
Due to the pricing development, we can no loger offer shipping by FedEx. 

Due to the complex pricing structure for each country and weight, an overview of shipping cost is not possible here. However, you will find the choices of shipping company and the exact shipping cost for your order both in the shopping cart as well as before check-out.

The shipping cost within the E.U. will include VAT. For shipments outside the E.U. all prices shown are without VAT.

Please note that when ordering from abroad you are still responsible for any import fees, local taxes etc. in your country. (Canada for example charges both import taxes as well as customs fees on most imports) We are not able to check any possible country for its import regulations, taxes and laws. Packages shipping to non-E.U. countries will contain an international CN-22 or CN-23 customs form as well as the purchasing invoice which is usually enough but we cannot add any additional documents, translations, certificates etc. which might be required by your country. When in doubt, please ask your customs authorities before ordering.


Payment options

We accept the following payment options:

Bank transfer: Transferring money within Europe via SEPA is easy and cheap. You will receive an order confirmation email containing all the details. Please use the order number as reference in the bank transfer. We will send an email confirmation once the money is in our account.
Internationally, Wise* offers a great and fast way to transfer money at low fees and fair exchange rates.
Please note that the transfer can take a few days, and we will ship your order as soon as the money is in our account. Download PDF patterns will also be availabe after your payment has been received.    

PayPal: PayPal also offers payment with credit card without requireing a Paypal account. You will be transferred to the PayPpal website when completing the order. After the transaction has been completed you will receive a confirmation email from PayPal as well as from our shop system. Download products will then be available in your user account right away. We will usually ship your package on the business day following the receival of payment. 

Apple Pay / Google Pay: is very convenient if you are using a mobile device in our shop and have Apple or Google Pay set-up. You will be transferred to Apple or Google Pay depending on your device right after confirming the order. After the transaction has been completed you will receive a confirmation email from Apple or Google Pay as well as from our shop system. Download products will then be available in your user account right away. We will usually ship your package on the business day following the receival of payment.


Payment in US Dollars: Customers from selected countries outside the E.U. can also pay in US$. Please switch the Shop currency to US$ first before placing the order. US$ payments can only be accepted through credit card or Apple Pay (PayPal will not work with US$).


If you have any question or need assistance with shipping or payment options, let us know by email or give us a call!

*Partner link to Wise. We also use Wise to transfer money internationally.