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Knitting Kit consisting of the printed knitting pattern "Horizonte" and 100 g... more
Product information "Horizonte Kit ENGLISH"

Knitting Kit consisting of the printed knitting pattern "Horizonte" and 100 g Blacker Swan (color: "Horizon Blue) plus 50 g Blacker Swan (color: "Pale Maiden"). 

Sometimes, when life is loud and complicated, and I just can’t seem to find quiet and calmness, I go out for a walk and look at the sky. A dusty blue paired with light gray clouds is what I will get most of the time here in northern Germany, and the flat landscape will give my eyes and my brain the simplicity I need. Especially when I take a stroll at the Baltic Sea shore, where the sight of the horizon never fails to have a soothing effect on me. “Horizonte” (German: “horizons”) is the simple beauty of the sky, the clouds and the horizon turned knitting: Easy garter stitch with a couple of interesting twists and turns in the construction will provide you with a relaxing knitting time and a beautiful and warm result. Wearing it will remind you that the finest pleasures in life are simple – just like this shawl.

The pdf download of the pattern is not included in the kit, it comes only with the printed version of the pattern. The finished shawl is not part of the kit.

Pattern Language: English
Pattern Type: printed pattern
type: Shawl
Knitting Experience: relaxed
Size Finished Object: Width 138 cm (55 inches), Depth 59 cm (24 inches)
Gauge: 16 stitches / 4 inches / 10 cm in garter stitch (after washing + blocking)
Recommended Yarn: 100 g Blacker Swan "Horizon Blue", 50 g "Pale Maiden"
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