Strickplaner - your knitting planner (ENGLISH)

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Dies ist die ENGLISCHE Version des Strickplaners . Falls Sie die deutsche möchten, wählen... mehr
Produktinformationen "Strickplaner - your knitting planner (ENGLISH)"

Dies ist die ENGLISCHE Version des Strickplaners. Falls Sie die deutsche möchten, wählen Sie diese bitte in der Übersicht aus.

Strickplaner is all new! We have listened to your feedback and made it a "timeless" planner – with lots of pages for projects and notes, but without a dated planner, so you can use and keep yours for many years! 


Yarn and accessories are not included 

What would you like to knit?

All knitting projects start with this question: sweater, sock or hat? Poncho, mitten or teddy bear? Sometimes, a skein of yarn that has been living in your stash for a long time, will tell you what it wants to become. And sometimes, it is really hard to decide which yarn to use: Alpaca or Merino? Self-striping or semisolid? Handpainted or kettle dyed? It goes on with the needle size, the size you choose for the project itself and the number of stitches to cast on. And then you may decide to add a couple of increases at a certain point or some yarn overs, or to make the cuffs in a different stitch pattern.

This little book will help you keep track of all your decisions concerning your knitting and knitting projects: Strickplaner – your knitting planner will help you to choose the best projects for a relaxed knitting time, to choose the best yarn and to organize your projects and notes in a clever way. If you like, you can use the timelines to plan your projects over the year. We have added information about imperial and metric units and measurements, yarn weights and types of fiber. There are pages to keep track of your yarn purchases and wish lists for everything knitting-related. There are pages for knitting books, fun podcasts and knitting events. Jot down your ideas for future projects in the “Ideas” section of the planner, and write down every detail when you cast on in the “Projects” pages. And for everything else that pops up in your creative knitter’s brain, there are lots of pages for lists, notes and sketches, complete with indexes to make sure no idea is lost. The pages are even suitable for Bullet Journaling. 

Strickplaner wants to be your trusted companion for all your knitting adventures: small enough to carry everywhere, useful and totally independent of Wi-Fi or electricity.

Happy Knitting!


Yarn and accessories not included


• Strickplaner does not contain weekly spreads or a calendar anymore •

224 pages

Length / Width / Height
18.5 cm / 12.5 cm  / 1.6 cm

Paper Measurements
Length / Width 
18 cm / 12 cm 

Weight: 272 g 
2 x bookmarks in red and gray
1 x elastic closure (red)

Overview and info: 5 pages
Knitting Plans: 2 pages
Timelines: 8 pages
Yarn purchases 8 pages
Wish Lists: 4 pages
Events & Media: 4 pages
Sizes and Measurements: 6 pages
Ideas: 10 pages
Index projects: 4 pages
Projects: 58 pages
Index lists and notes: 5 pages
Lists: 29 pages
Notes squared: 24 pages
Notes dot grid: 26 pages
Notes blank: 27 pages

Scratch page


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