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Wolle von fyberspates
Luxurious, colorful, unusual – yarns by Fyberspates are everything a knitter could wish for! The creative mind behind all the beautiful colors is Jeni Hewlett from Chester, UK. When she started out dyeing yarns in 2004, the main obstacle was getting her hands on undyed yarn. “It was extremely difficult, as hand-dyeing was not nearly as popular as it is today”, she said. Soon she had enthusiastic customers from all over the world. A couple of years ago, Jeni started a cooperation with a dyeing workshop in Peru. “They are doing an amazing job, and I am happy about our cooperation as they are a Peruvian-owned company, providing job opportunities with fair pay and good working conditions especially for women,” Jeni said. When she develops colors, her favorites are caramel and spicy yellows. She has a very big palette: You will find deep and dark reds and blues as well as bright teal and greens.