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Strickgarn BC-Garn Loch Lomond Bio Gruppenfoto
Bo Carstensen started his company “BC Garn” over 40 years ago in Denmark: His mother used to spend a lot of time at her loom, but the yarns that were available at the time were not to her taste. She preferred natural fibers like wool, silk and cotton and had yarns custom-made for her in small spinning mills. Her husband had the connections she needed: He was a trader for coarse wools that were used for weaving carpets. Bo added yarns for hand-knitters and kept the focus on natural fibers. In 2016, he started looking for someone who would take over his business, and he found the perfect person in the north of Germany: Britta Kremke, an experienced creator of beautiful yarns, was the one he wanted to continue BC Garns for him. Britta routinely works with family-owned spinning mills and always keeps the goal of sustainably produced, beautiful yarns that knitters will enjoy in mind. Since spring 2018, she has been running BC garns – a challenging, but very charming task: “BC Garn has a unique look, clear and simple, so I feel very lucky to take it on” Britta said. Here in Strickmich! Shop, we have a small selection of BC Garn beauties in stock for you: "Bio Balance", which is an irresistible, light mix of cotton and GOTS-certified organic wool, the rustic-looking but super soft "Loch Lomond Bio" (also GOTS-certified, ie organic), and "Babyalpaca" that will make the most beautiful lace shawls. Enjoy BC Garn!