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Product information "Angles PDF Download"

Recently I read about how making your bed in the morning and putting on a pretty bedspread can make a real difference for your day: Minutes after getting up you have already done something to turn your home into a more pleasant place. What used to be chaotic is now neat, a true joy to look at and lifts your spirit! That sounded great to me, but I did not have a bedspread that I liked. So – of course! – I knit one. In soft and squishy, beautiful and simple garter stitch. Also modularly, so there is no sewing involved, but totally reversible (even the joining lines look good from both sides) and with a geometrically intriguing design: Each triangle is knit in a different direction, but each one features a right angle (hence the name). With fairly big needles in a luxurious aran-weight yarn mine was done in about three weeks. However, the pattern works with any yarn from your stash (gauge is not important) and can be made in any size: You could make a tiny baby blanket or a lap blanket for those cozy winter evenings on the sofa using aran or worsted weight leftovers you have in your stash (you will find detailed information on how to adjust the size and yarn amounts in the instructions). Bonus: There are almost no purl stitches involved in making this. A soothing and easy knit, also suitable for beginners.

You start by knitting the smallest triangle which also determines the finished size of the blanket: The long side of this triangle is half the width of the resulting rectangle. Then you continue knitting the next triangle in a contrasting color, changing the knitting direction and joining both triangles as you go. And so on until you are ready to bind off.

Yarn requirements for the size shown in the pictures:
A: 55 g (1 skein) Lomond 5083 (pink)
B: 175 g (2 skeins) Mahogany C850 (brown)
C: 380 g (4 skeins) Violet C756 (purple)
D: 730 g (8 skeins) Rosewood C883 (grey)
E: 675 g (7 skeins) Pine C853 (beige)

Gauge (stitches per 10 cm): 12
Knitting experience: relaxed
Needle Size: 5,0 mm / US 8
Project type: Other
Yarn Weight: Aran / Worsted

Matching Yarn

Rosy Green Wool Big Merino Hug
Color Rosy Green Wool: 126 Pfingstrose
This yarn is the big sister to "Cheeky Merino Joy": Just as soft and cozy, the same beautiful colors, but with only 160 m per 100 grams much more voluminous. A great yarn for non-scratchy hats, big scarves, baby blankets, sweaters or XXL-versions of Martinas shawl patterns. Big Merino Hug consists of 100% Merino superwash, the fiber comes from Argentina and is mulesing-free, it's spun and dyed in the UK and GOTS-certified (animal- and environmentally friendly). A yarn like a big hug!   All yarns by Rosy Green Wool are GOTS-certified and made with Merino fiber from Patagonia (mulesing-free).  Martina has designed "Big & Beautiful" especially for this yarn.

Content: 0.1 kilogram (€199.00* / 1 kilogram)

Rosy Green Wool Lovely Merino Treat
Color Rosy Green Wool: 062 Isar Kiesel
The yarn we have been waiting for! "Lovely Merino Treat" is the latest addition to the Rosy Green Wool range, and with 210 m / 230 yards per 100 g skein it has the perfect weight for sweaters and warm shawls, right in between the beloved "Cheeky Merino Joy" and "Big Merino Hug" yarns. Of course, it's just as soft and comes in the same beautiful colors as the other Rosy yarns. Spun out of extremely soft, mulesing-free merino fiber, it's a pleasure to knit with and to wear. And to wash, as it's a superwash yarn and can be washed in the machine. As always with Rosy Green Wool, their yarns fulfil the very demanding criteria of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS): Every step of the production must be animal-friendly and not harm the environment. Also, fair wages and working conditions for everyone involved are required. Treat yourself to this lovely yarn! 

Content: 0.1 kilogram (€199.00* / 1 kilogram)