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Strickmich! Club 2024

Product information "Strickmich! Club 2024"
Four times knitting fun with new, exclusive patterns by Martina Behm in 2024! 
This is the new and digital version of Strickmich! Club. If you know Strickmich! Club from the past years, some things will be familiar: You will receive four new patterns by Martina Behm as PDFs throughout the year. We will knit together in Strickmich! Netz and have lots of fun!
Here's how Strickmich! Club 2024 works: 
  • The new and digital Strickmich! Club is a collection of four digital knitting patterns in PDF format that will be released in the course of 2024. You can download them in your customer's account in Strickmich! Shop (or, if you bought the club on Ravelry, in your Ravelry account). The patterns are not available on paper.
  • There are no fixed release dates for the patterns. They will likely be published in February, May, September and November.
  • You can buy the pattern collection in Strickmich! Shop or on Ravelry. You will have to decide which platform you would like to receive the patterns on: If you buy here in Strickmich! Shop, you won't have the patterns in your Ravelry account and vice versa.
  • There is no end date to join the club, you can buy the pattern collection during the course of the year at any time.
  • Martina will design with yarns you can buy separately in Strickmich! Shop. If you have a suitable yarn in your stash, feel free to use it for your project.
  • The patterns will be exclusive for one year to our club customers and will not be available separately during that time.
  • The projects will mostly be shawls and cowls, maybe there will be a hat or handwarmers, but that's not decided yet.

1st pattern: "Stairs & Stripes"

L et’s get colorful! With “Stairs & Stripes”, you can let your creativity shine and make a truly unique shawl! Use the five different colors of a “Fino Minis” mini-skein kit to knit fun stripes that will change color at a spot chosen by yourself. You decide which colors to use on the next stripe and where the colors change. By crossing the working yarns on the back side – like when knitting intarsia – you will make sure everything holds up nicely. I have video to show you how it works! Also, there is an easy technique for weaving in the yarn ends as you go. My version of “Stairs & Stripes” was made out of the fun color combo “Josephine”. If you would like your shawl to look a little more harmonious, choose “Clarissa” or “Henrietta” – all available in Strickmich! Shop. Happy knitting!
circular needle 3.75–4 mm (US 5–6), length 80 cm (32 inches) or longer

2nd pattern: "Trickangle"

A  triangle, but an unusual one: “Trickangle” has several middle axes that have gone astray, which makes the shawl’s structure look interesting if you are using a multicolored or color-changing yarn. You can also use a set of mini-skeins – the effect will be fun! With “Trickangle”, you can use up all the yarn you have and make the shawl as large as you like. For this sample, I have used one skein of “Pure Sock” by German dyer Uschitita in her amazing colorway “TGIF”. Feel free to use several skeins or different colors – there are no limits to your creativity! “Trickangle“ can be a small summery shawlette (like my sample) or a huge shawl to keep you warm when it gets colder (you will need more yarn for that, obviously!). The pattern contains instructions on how to adjust the design to your needs. Ah, and did I mention that the shawl is worked all in relaxing garter stitch that is suitable for happy vacation knitting? Enjoy, and have a great summer!

Matching Yarn

Manos del Uruguay Fino Minis
Color Manos del Uruguay: Josephine
Aren't they cute? These Mini-Sets out of "Fino" by Manos del Uruguay contain 5 skeins of 20 g each in gorgeous colors that go really well together. Work them up as a gradient or use them for stripes combined with an entire 100 g-skein to make a "Leftie".  "Fino" is a voluminous, luxurious single-ply with 30% silk and 70% wool (Merino) – great for cowls and shawls that will be worn against the skin, e. g. "Wolkig" or "Heaven & Space".  At Manos del Uruguay, local women have been spinning and dyeing the most beautiful yarns for forty years. The project was initiated to give women in rural areas the chance to get jobs in the artisanal field with fair pay and a good working environment. Please note: This yarn is not superwash and prefers to be washed by hand instead of in the woollen cycle in your washing machine.The sample "Lupino" in our book "Strickmich! Knitting Inventions" was made out of one set of these Mini-skeins (color combination: Dorothea).   

Content: 0.1 kilogram (€359.00* / 1 kilogram)

Uschitita Pure Sock
Color Yarn: TGIF
What an amazing yarn! And these colors! Here at Strickmich!, we could not believe our eyes when we opened the shipment from Uschitita, as it was all so beautiful. The yarn base "Pure Sock" is the same that we used for the second project of Strickmich! Club 2022. Here, you find this pure merino yarn base in six different colors, all quite typical for the Uschitita dyeing style: quite muted base colors with fun and unusual speckles. This yarn will make your knitting exciting and the end result absolutely stunning! It's perfectly suited for garter stitch shawls as well as lace patterns, as the multicolors are not so dominant that they will eat up all your efforts. 

Content: 0.1 kilogram (€269.00* / 1 kilogram)



Circular Knitting Needle Addi Lace
Needle Size: 3,25 mm / US 3
Addi Circulars with 80 cm (32 in) length and extra sharp tips are ideally suited for most of Martina Behm's designs. These needles are great quality "Made in Germany", and they make even the most complicated lace pattern a pleasure to knit. The needle sizes are printed on the cable (metric and US). Addi lace needle tips are made nickel-free.

Variants from €6.25*
Strickmich! Stitch Markers
Variant: rot 6 mm
Elastic ring stitch markers in a useful aluminum tin with a screw cap. The stitch markers are put on the needles between the stitches, e. g.  in my patterns  Jasminde, Nuvem, Viajante and Knit Your Love. Diameter: 10 mm, suitable for knitting needles up to 8 mm - Content: 20 piecesDiameter: 6 mm, suitable for knitting needles up to 4 mm - Content: 25 pieces They are made of silicone and free of chemical softeners.