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Strickmich! Club 2024

Product information "Strickmich! Club 2024"
Four times knitting fun with new, exclusive patterns by Martina Behm in 2024! 
This is the new and digital version of Strickmich! Club. If you know Strickmich! Club from the past years, some things will be familiar: You will receive four new patterns by Martina Behm as PDFs throughout the year. We will knit together in Strickmich! Netz and have lots of fun!
Here's how Strickmich! Club 2024 works: 
  • The new and digital Strickmich! Club is a collection of four digital knitting patterns in PDF format that will be released in the course of 2024. You can download them in your customer's account in Strickmich! Shop (or, if you bought the club on Ravelry, in your Ravelry account). The patterns are not available on paper.
  • There are no fixed release dates for the patterns. They will likely be published in February, May, September and November.
  • You can buy the pattern collection in Strickmich! Shop or on Ravelry. You will have to decide which platform you would like to receive the patterns on: If you buy here in Strickmich! Shop, you won't have the patterns in your Ravelry account and vice versa.
  • There is no end date to join the club, you can buy the pattern collection during the course of the year at any time.
  • Martina will design with yarns you can buy separately in Strickmich! Shop. If you have a suitable yarn in your stash, feel free to use it for your project.
  • The patterns will be exclusive for one year to our club customers and will not be available separately during that time.
  • The projects will mostly be shawls and cowls, maybe there will be a hat or handwarmers, but that's not decided yet.

1st pattern: "Stairs & Stripes"

L et’s get colorful! With “Stairs & Stripes”, you can let your creativity shine and make a truly unique shawl! Use the five different colors of a “Fino Minis” mini-skein kit to knit fun stripes that will change color at a spot chosen by yourself. You decide which colors to use on the next stripe and where the colors change. By crossing the working yarns on the back side – like when knitting intarsia – you will make sure everything holds up nicely. I have video to show you how it works! Also, there is an easy technique for weaving in the yarn ends as you go. My version of “Stairs & Stripes” was made out of the fun color combo “Josephine”. If you would like your shawl to look a little more harmonious, choose “Clarissa” or “Henrietta” – all available in Strickmich! Shop. Happy knitting!
circular needle 3.75–4 mm (US 5–6), length 80 cm (32 inches) or longer