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Product information "Rüsch "
R uffles are fun to wear and fun to knit – and they will make any simple outfit a little special: This little elegant scarf is called “Rüsch” (“Rüschen” is German and means “ruffles”). It was inspired by no one less than Prince himself, who wore a ruffled shirt in his “Purple Rain” video. “Rüsch” has just the right length to be slung around the neck and fastened with a knot, arranging the ruffled ends in the front so they look a little bit like the ruffles on Prince’s shirt. But there are other ways to wear it if you play with the wide ends and tuck them in! “Rüsch” works very well with that one special skein of hand dyed yarn you have been keeping in your stash for a special occasion – but it will look great in the yarn we chose for this sample, which is the softly variegated “Vivacious 4-ply” by Fyberspates. The scarf is knit lengthwise and can be worked longer and wider if you wish (you will need more yarn if you choose to). The ruffles are worked with short rows, which is an easy technique that I will show you in a video. With this pattern, you can use up all the yarn you have – just keep on knitting until it is gone!
Gauge (stitches per 10 cm): 22
Knitting experience: relaxed
Needle Size: 3,25 mm / US 3, 3,5 mm / US 4
Project type: Shawl
Yarn Weight: Fingering

Matching Yarn

Fyberspates Vivacious 4-Ply
Color fyberspates: 607 - Deep Aqua
A beautiful hand dyed merino yarn with a high twist and fascinating colors: hand dyer Jeni Hewlett likes to dye in layers, so the colors will get an unusual depth. It's beautiful to work with, does not split and wears beautifully as it is really soft around the neck. A great choice for sweaters and accessories alike! The weight and yardage are ideal for many of Martina's shawl patterns. Rüsch is specially designed for this yarn and you only need one skein.

Content: 0.1 kilogram (€179.40* / 1 kilogram)

Uschitita Pure Sock
Color Yarn: TGIF
What an amazing yarn! And these colors! Here at Strickmich!, we could not believe our eyes when we opened the shipment from Uschitita, as it was all so beautiful. The yarn base "Pure Sock" is the same that we used for the second project of Strickmich! Club 2022. Here, you find this pure merino yarn base in six different colors, all quite typical for the Uschitita dyeing style: quite muted base colors with fun and unusual speckles. This yarn will make your knitting exciting and the end result absolutely stunning! It's perfectly suited for garter stitch shawls as well as lace patterns, as the multicolors are not so dominant that they will eat up all your efforts. 

Content: 0.1 kilogram (€269.00* / 1 kilogram)



Stitch Markers Snowflake
The coolest stitch marker on the planet! Two snow crystals made out of recycled cherry wood by Succaplokki in Finland. They're a limited edition especially made for us!  Contains: 2 stitch markers Materials: recycled cherry wood, nylon Diameter ca. 1,3 cm  

Content: 2 piece (€3.50* / 1 piece)

Circular Knitting Needle Addi Lace
Needle Size: 3,25 mm / US 3
Addi Circulars with 80 cm (32 in) length and extra sharp tips are ideally suited for most of Martina Behm's designs. These needles are great quality "Made in Germany", and they make even the most complicated lace pattern a pleasure to knit. The needle sizes are printed on the cable (metric and US). Addi lace needle tips are made nickel-free.

Variants from €6.25*
Strickmich! Big Bowl - your project bag
Strickmich! Big Bowl is the more voluminous version of her little sister, the Strickmich! Bowl Accessory bag: Open it up and it will expand to a useful bowl that holds your yarn balls when knitting. Sturdy cotton with a wool felt bottom protects your precious yarn, and knitting from it is a breeze. When you close it, you can carry it with the attached sling. Strickmich! Big Bowl holds 250 to 350 g yarn (on the ball or knitted) plus your needles.The smaller version (Strickmich! Bowl – accessory bag) is suitable for knitting accessories or small projects with up to 100 g yarn.The yarn and decoration in the pictures are not included.Strickmich! Big Bowl is sewn by Manomama in Augsburg, Germany after an idea by knitwear designer Martina Behm: Sturdy organic cotton fabric that will hold its shape and a reinforced bowl bottom with wool felt from German sheep who live in the Black Forest. The contrast-color zipper looks great with the Strickmich! logo tag and is made in Germany as well. Manomama is a project by Sina Trinkwalder, who established Manomama in the old textile hub Augsburg in Bavaria, employing people who find it hard to find work otherwise. Fair pay and good working conditions are an essential part of the project. Materials100% organic cotton from Tanzania, woven in Northrine-Westphalia, Germany, GOTS certifiedWool felt from sheep from the Black Forest, GermanyZipper made in GermanyMeasurementsDiameter upper edge ca. 30 cmDiameter bottom 18 cmHeight of Edge approx. 13 cmLength when closed approx. 37 cmWidth when closed approx.  17 cm


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Formate: PDF Download | Language: Deutsch
Loops is the one accessory you have been waiting for: Simple to knit, interesting to look at due to the use of your two favorite colors, and endless possibilities to wear! Fold it lengthwise and pull one end through one of the loops, and you will have a scarf that doesn’t come off. Put the loops on top of each other with a twist, and you will have a cozy pretty cowl. Put your arms through the loops, and you can wear it as a vest. Place the loops on top of each other and pull it over your head to wear it as an attractive capelet. “Loops” is made out of two skeins of a lovely alpaca yarn that will keep you warm and cozy. The knitting itself is simple and in one piece (no seaming), and instructional videos guide you through the provisional cast-on and joining parts. Amano Puna Colors of the samples: Cusco Roofs 4009 and Santa Catalina 4008 Machu Picchu 4002 and Eco Puna Nazca Grey 9001 Inca Train 4006 and Titicaca 4007 Size M: You need 1 skein of each color. Sizes L and XL: You need 2 skeins of each color.The pattern "Loops" is part of Martina Behm´s book "Strickmich! Knitting Inventions".

Formate: PDF Download | Language: Deutsch
Zig-Zags have been a vital part of my journey as a knitwear designer: the pattern that started it all – the Hitchhiker – has a shark tooth edging, “Baltic Summer” is zig-Zagged through and through, “Match & Move” is one huge Zag, and “Rockin’ Rows” also features lots of ziggy-Zaggy. Now comes the time for a rectangular stole with lots of zig-zags, and just because it’s so much fun and looks awesome: on the bias. The yarn is a super-soft, squishy organic yarn named “Lovely Merino Treat” that makes the shawl extra voluminous and warm. Use it for warmth on your shoulders on cool summer evenings and as an extra warm scarf underneath your coat in winter. If you like, you can use up all 400 grams of yarn by working the red contrast stripe more often. The pattern includes instructions on how to make the shawl wider and longer (for which you will need more yarn). You will need 20 stitchmarkers to make this: 10 in red and 10 in blue. If you want to make it wider, you will need even more! Colors used in the samples:Grey/white/red: Edelweiss, Isar Kiesel, Kugelfisch and Rotbuche. Blue/pink: Tiefer Ozean, Distel, Blauwal, Rosa Orchidee.