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Tivoli Gardens

Product information "Tivoli Gardens"

Come with me to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark: A beautiful city by the baltic sea, with colorful houses, lots of bikes, relaxed happy people and a tradition of yummy candies and sweets! When you visit Copenhagen, don’t forget to stroll over the Tivoli, one of the world’s oldest amusement parks (it was opened in 1843). The rides have this cute vintage feel, and the candy shops offer sweets that look like they come directly from a fairytale. I thought this would be a great last destination for our Strickmich! Club year 2019 – so I designed a candy-colored asymmetric shawl with alternating
garter stitch and ruffled parts. It’s an easy knit, and you will know the pattern by heart in no time, making this project the ideal knitting companion for your next trip to your favorite amusement park.

The pattern "Tivoli Gardens" is part of Martina Behm´s book "The Hitchhiker Collection"

Gauge (stitches per 10 cm): 14
Knitting experience: relaxed
Needle Size: 3,5 mm / US 4, 3,75 mm / US 5
Project type: Shawl
Yarn Weight: Fingering

Matching Yarn

Miss Babs Yummy 2-ply
Color Miss Babs: Lepidolite
This 2-ply superwash Merino is wonderful for cowls, scarves, shawls, and lightweight sweaters.One skein of this will make a beautiful Miss Winkle, Hitchhiker, Fractal Danger, Samadhi or Lintilla. The sample "Hitchhiker" from our book "Hitchhiker Collection" was made out of one skein of this yarn, colorway "Hitchhiker's Birthday". The sample "Miss Winkle" from our book "Hitchhiker Collection" was made out of one skein of this yarn, colorway "Deep Sea Jellyfish".The sample "Hope & Confidence" from our book "Hitchhiker Collection" was made out of one skein of this yarn, colorway "Zombie Prom".The sample "Hitchiker Beyond" from our book "Strickmich! Knitting Inventions" was made out of one skein of this yarn, colorway "Dream Weaver".  Care Instructions: Machine wash gentle. This yarn should be dried flat for best results.

Content: 0.115 kilogram (€301.30* / 1 kilogram)

Schoppel Zauberball Cotton
Color Schoppel: Rosige Zeiten
The gorgeous Zauberball yarn by Schoppel is now available in organic cotton, too! Great for light summer shawls e. g. Buds & Bumbles.The sample "Buds & Bumbles" from our book "Hitchhiker Collection" was made out of 100 g (one ball) of this yarn, colorway "Echte Abwechslung".

Content: 0.1 kilogram (€129.00* / 1 kilogram)



Circular Knitting Needle Addi Lace
Needle Size: 3,5 mm / US 4
Addi Circulars with 80 cm (32 in) length and extra sharp tips are ideally suited for most of Martina Behm's designs. These needles are great quality "Made in Germany", and they make even the most complicated lace pattern a pleasure to knit. The needle sizes are printed on the cable (metric and US). Addi lace needle tips are made nickel-free.

Variants from €6.25*
Needle Gauge Key Ring "Robot"
Cute needle gauge designed and made from recycled acrylic by Succaplokki in Finland, needle sizes (metric): 2.5 mm, 3 mm, 3.25 mm, 3.5 mm, 3.75 mm and 4 mm. Key ring included. Also pretty as a pendant around your neck. Measurements ca.  5 x 3 cm Color: Pink. 

Strickmich! Organic Project Bag
Color: Blau
Our Strickmich! Project Bag is made of organic cotton in southern Germany by Manomama – a company that offers jobs to people who have difficulties finding work elsewhere, making cool organic fashion and accessories – check out their website!  Measurements: Width 24 cm (9.5 inches) Length 26 cm (10.4 inches) Diameter of round bottom: 15 cm (6 inches) Material: 100% Organic Cotton Machine wash 30 degree


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Rosen Bridge
Formate: PDF Download | Language: Deutsch
Looking for the perfect, elegant thing to go with the gown you picked for that very special night? Here it is: an opulent stole, like the ones Hollywood actresses used to wear in the 1950s. This stole will let you travel in time, but maybe not in space, like a real Einstein-Rosen-Bridge would (nerdy old me couldn’t resist another geeky pattern name). I designed this stole especially for one of those stunning, huge skeins of handdyed laceweight in a dazzling variegated color. These need a simple pattern to show off the beautiful dyejob and not distract from it. “Rosen Bridge” is 3-dimensionally constructed as a long tube and can be worn like a warm stole around your shoulders for just the right amount of warmth, but it also works as a voluminous scarf around your neck or as a big cowl if you open it up and pull it over your head. A fun, relaxing knit without a single stitch of purl, no special techniques required. It is so easy that even beginning knitters will find it enjoyable to make, and experienced knitters will appreciate its qualities on knit or movie nights.  

Formate: PDF Download | Language: Deutsch
Pattern for the 2nd Strickmich! Club shipment 2014 Sometimes, the world around me seems a little bit too loud, too crowded, too busy. When that happens, I take out my knitting, find a place to sit and feel how the noise slowly disappears while I knit one stitch after another. As I focus on the work of my hands, I notice how my mind regains clarity and strength – a state called “Samadhi” in the ancient Asian language Pali. This little shawlette has received its name because it is such a relaxing knit that it feels almost like meditation to make it. The pale turquoise color with its special hand-dyed glow will take your eyes on a vacation, and the warm merino wool will feel like a soft breeze in your hands. The resulting shawlette has a subtle wavy border and is light and small enough to be worn in warmer weather. Measurements of the shawlette in the pictures: Length 150 cms (60 in), depth 27 cms (11 in) Instructions on how to make the shawl bigger, using the amount of yarn you choose are given in the pattern.The pattern "Samadhi" is part of Martina Behm´s book "The Hitchhiker Collection".

Formate: PDF Download | Language: Deutsch
Why garter stitch is my favorite? Well, mostly, you don‘t have to purl.That makes it easy and relaxing to knit. It might take a little longer for progress to show because you need to work more rows than, say, in stockinette stitch to see what you have done. But that is made up for by that wonderful stretchy fabric that is such a pleasure to wear and makes fingering weight yarn warm and cozy. Plus: Most hand-dyed yarns look really fab in it. So I just could not resist to design another little garter stitch shawlette: Lintilla. It comes with a special long and narrow triangular, slightly asymmetrical construction and a beautiful scalloped, subtly ruffled edge that is really fun to make. This is my fourth shawlette that is named after Douglas Adams‘ „The Hitchhiker‘s Guide to the Galaxy“ series: Lintilla an intelligent and beautiful woman (she appeared only in the BBC radio play, not in the books), who was accidentally cloned too many times – so her pretty face could be spotted in every part of the galaxy. Who knows, maybe that‘s what‘s going to happen to this shawlette as well? This pattern, as the other triangular shawls I have designed, is very flexible: You can use any amount of yarn and end up with a small neckerchief, a small or bigger shawlette. To achieve the size shown in the pictures, you will need about 525 m (575 yards) of fingering weight yarn. Here is a short video tutorial on how to do the wraps and turns.The pattern "Lintilla" is part of Martina Behm´s book "The Hitchhiker Collection".