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Stricktuch Knitters DNA im Kornfeld
Knitting Patterns by Martina Behm
"Knitwear design – to me, that means: Creating something new, trying to do things a little differently, being original and inventive. I hope that I do accomplish that with my knitting patters. And that knitting them is fun!" --- Martina Behm

Join Martina for hours of knitting fun: Many of her patterns work without any purl stitches, and she rarely uses any complicated techniques. If anything needs explaining, Martina does so in short videos that are linked in her patterns. If you are a beginner, start with the classics: Hitchhiker, Easy, Match & Move, but also Puerto Montt or Areas. Move on to make yourself a Nuvem or Viajante (which are not hard to knit, but are larger projects), and if you are a little more experienced, you may want to give Thousand Tulips, Halley or Rockin' Rows a go. You will also find knitting patterns here that have been exclusive to members of Strickmich! Club for six months. 

For many patterns, you can choose whether you would like to buy them as a PDF download or as a high quality printed version. The pattern leaflets are in A5 format on environmentally concious, thick paper. We will ship them within 5 days after your payment has arrived.

Don't forget to choose the language: Most of Martina Behm's knitting patterns are available in English and in German.

If you have any questions about the patterns, do not hesitate to send us an email – we are happy to support your knitting endeavors.